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If you’re doing SEO, it must be that you are thinking of each and every aspect of your website and how to make each of these aspects work. So what about the use of images in search engine optimization. Let’s talk specifically about image content for this post – or pictures, videos, or graphics. The […]

Search Engine submission is not required, so the answer to the question is No. Search engines such as Google index website pages by following links. How that works is that, if an already-indexed page will use the link to your page as an outbound link, Google will automatically identify and index your page as a […]

The simple answer to this question is: NO, INBOUND LINKS DOES NOT BRING ANY HARM In fact, if inbound links do your site no good and worse, harm your site’s performance, then your competitors will probably think of incessantly linking to your site with links they can get from link farms as one of their […]

Generating web traffic is essential to keeping your website alive. Though there are many search engine optimization (or SEO) strategies, you can start by using anchor texts in backlinks. In Layman’s term, anchor texts are words you can click on that will link you to another web page. Back-links, on the other hand, are when […]

Everyone tends to take less care when it comes to business branding. The internet provides a convenient outlet for your Business to be accessible. Not only will you receive more chances of exposure, but also to gain and maintain clients. Aside from quality content and aesthetic website designs, you are likely to gain more traction […]

For quite a time, reciprocal links dominated inbound and outbound linking strategies, but that had changed and for good. The mighty Google search browser has scrapped reciprocal links and Google’s algorithm has been altered for this purpose. Now, no two parties can exchange links over and over again to increase their link rate. Reciprocal Links […]

When developing a website, you need to make sure that everything flows seamlessly for your visitors. Most websites display links that use other websites for reference. These links identify as either an absolute or relative hyperlink. Relative & Absolute Links: What’s the Difference? Websites are designed to have different paths you can take to find […]