Do Inbound Links Harm Search Ranking?

  • October 2, 2020
  • SEO
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The simple answer to this question is: NO, INBOUND LINKS DOES NOT BRING ANY HARM

In fact, if inbound links do your site no good and worse, harm your site’s performance, then your competitors will probably think of incessantly linking to your site with links they can get from link farms as one of their strategies to destroy you and your business.

inbound links

Thus, inbound links are legit and Google will never penalize you for using it as a marketing technique. However, Google will hold you to account for any external links that connect your site to a website or websites that use unethical and unfair search practices.

Easy Digital Marketing Strategies

Aside from outbound and inbound links, you can always focus on other legal practices that also give excellent results for ranking better, and they are also easy to implement. These strategies include:

  • Make your site look professional

If your site is attractive and easy to navigate, people will visit it often and do transactions with it. They assume you have good products to offer just because of what they see and how they feel as they move from page to page.

  • Make sure pages don’t take too long to load

The aesthetic factor is an important factor, but make sure you don’t overcrowd the pages with images and videos because that will make them load too long.

According to research, customers are easily annoyed with pages that load too long, and more frequently than not, they decide to check other sites while the current site they are accessing is still loading

Should this be an issue you’re currently facing, you may immediately get in touch with Empire Digi digital marketing agency in Kochi. They know well how to go about these issues.

  • Useful Content

Useful content is imperative for customer acquisition and retention. Make sure your information is fresh and up-to-date and the entire content layout suggests that helping your customers and keeping them informed are very important to your business.

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