Does Google really Ignore Reciprocal Links?

  • October 1, 2020
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For quite a time, reciprocal links dominated inbound and outbound linking strategies, but that had changed and for good.

reciprocal links

The mighty Google search browser has scrapped reciprocal links and Google’s algorithm has been altered for this purpose. Now, no two parties can exchange links over and over again to increase their link rate.

Reciprocal Links Defy Fair Marketing Practice

Google came to that decision when they realized that such a practice does not coincide with their beloved mantra: Quality content dominates. Therefore, quality content should be the one that drives linking.

Google doesn’t like the idea of increasing the rank of a site just because it gets a high link rate, and that is quite possible with the repetitious nature of reciprocal links.

Thus, it is important to follow the rules and practice of fair marketing. If you don’t, you can be penalized by Google, and what the company seems to be doing lately is placing a monitoring system that can catch not only two-way reciprocal linking but also three-way linking.

There is no way that scrupulous practices can go on without eventually being detected, so decide to be honest, follow the rules, and invest in legit strategies that others do.

3 Virtual Marketing Techniques that Work Fast

Techniques that work fast include:

  • Social media marketing – Connect with many people through Facebook, Twitter, etc. Don’t just advertise there; connect with people on a personal level.
  • Content marketing – Use your creativity in making videos, and make sure to stand out with the stories you tell people. Keep engaging your audience with valuable presentations that can affect their lives in positive ways.
  • Email marketing – Do not underestimate the power of email, as they are still BIG in the marketing industry. In a recent survey, the email method was shown to have an impressive ROI of 122%. So, consider that very carefully.

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