Effective Use of Images in Search Engine optimization

  • October 7, 2020
  • SEO
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If you’re doing SEO, it must be that you are thinking of each and every aspect of your website and how to make each of these aspects work. So what about the use of images in search engine optimization.

use of images in search engine optimization

Let’s talk specifically about image content for this post – or pictures, videos, or graphics.

The Importance of Graphics in Public Life

How important is graphics is clearly in this era of showbiz, where people share their personal and social lives on social media.

For obvious reasons, images also become incorporated on the internet and help businesses get better ranking in search engines. These images influence the attention of people with their visual impacts.

According to technical experts of a well-known Empire Digi digital marketing company in Kochi, some of the techniques to effectively use images in search engine optimization include:

  • Being different in the competition

For this, avoid using stock photos, especially the ones that your competitor is also using. Look at your competitors. How can you use your images to differentiate from them and attract buyers in a different way?

  • High-quality images

You want the site to look professional. Use the right images for that. Use photos that are not low resolution and do not look blurry. Images must further enhance the experience of visitors and readers on your site.

  • Images should help in getting your message across

It is important that images are relevant to your content. Better to have no images than to use them incorrectly. So, don’t force yourself to put an image that doesn’t make any sense at all in your effort to help people with your products.

Tip: The image should be able to help explain your keyword or key phrases to improve your Search Engine Optimization

  • Proper image naming

Most visitors do not read image filenames, but naming your images based on the content of your page can tell Google what it is all about and how they relate to your business. Try working on your keywords, but remember not to keyword stuff.

Lastly, an image should not be too large, or it will cause your page to load too long. Searchers can’t wait that long and they will not. They will turn to another site, which can damage your ranking.

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