SEO Value on Absolute Links vs. Relative Links

  • September 2, 2020
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When developing a website, you need to make sure that everything flows seamlessly for your visitors. Most websites display links that use other websites for reference. These links identify as either an absolute or relative hyperlink.

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Relative & Absolute Links: What’s the Difference?

Websites are designed to have different paths you can take to find what you are looking for. Links assist in getting you to your destination. There are two classifications: absolute and relative.

An absolute link is defined as a complete URL that will lead you to the desired page. This is typically used to get to a separate website and includes every “step” you need to take to get to that page.


On the other hand, relative links consistently bring you to another part on the same website. The page, file, or image is relative to your site – hence its name. You can consider it as opening a sub-folder.

Example: /files/picture.html

Importance of Links in SEO

According to John Müller, Google doesn’t care about what type of URL you use. Although it may not matter what kind of link you use, website developers should know about the advantages/disadvantages of using either link.

Absolute links are dependable because they will always lead you to the page. Using absolute links allows things to have proper references.

Unfortunately, absolute links make it more difficult to switch servers. They could also contribute to longer wait times for website visitors.

An ideal factor when it comes to visitors is the speed of your website. Relative links effectively contribute to faster loading time. They are also less complex to program. Additionally, making a few tweaks on your website won’t be a hassle with them.

Though they may increase the site’s speed, relative links make it easier for content theft to occur. They could also give away crawl budget.


Both relative and absolute URLs have their perks, it all depends on what the developer is going for. If you plan on moving your content frequently, you should opt for relative links. If you prioritize content security, absolute links are the way to go.

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