The Relevancy of Anchor Texts in Backlinks

  • October 2, 2020
  • SEO
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Generating web traffic is essential to keeping your website alive. Though there are many search engine optimization (or SEO) strategies, you can start by using anchor texts in backlinks.

In Layman’s term, anchor texts are words you can click on that will link you to another web page. Back-links, on the other hand, are when other websites reference their visitors to your page.

The ultimate goal of a website is to reach the first page of a Google search. After all, 95% of visitors only have enough patience to check these results.

The keywords used in anchor texts determine keyword rankings. Terms associated with anchor texts give Google an idea of a page’s ranking.

anchor texts in backlinks

Additionally, receiving back-links from popular websites will direct their visitors to your website.

How to Use Anchor Texts in Backlinks

Don’t stick to just one style of anchor texts. There are five distinct types to select from:

  1. Generic

Generic anchor texts are made of a generalized phrase that doesn’t include any keywords.

Example: “Click here” to read an article about digital marketing agencies.

  1. Exact Match

The text used in exact matches contains the word that you want to rank. It isn’t extremely specific but is searchable.

Example: This article about “anchor texts” will lead you to a great digital marketing agency called Empiredigi.

  1. Branded

Branded anchored text usually contains the name of the company, alone.

Example: “Empire Digi” is a reliable digital marketing agency.

  1. Branded with Keywords

Example: “Digital Marketing Agency Empiredigi” helps to build several websites’ success.

  1. Naked Link

In contrast to the previous anchor links, naked links just contain a direct URL to the site.



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